INTRODUCTORY HAPPY VISIT: for ages 1-2 years

It is never too late to visit with a registered dental hygienist. Natural Smiles offers a FREE HAPPY VISIT for your child to introduce them to a dental hygiene office. Our philosophy is to treat their first visit at the comfort level of your child. Usually children start with a ride in the dental chair and we introduce them to the surrounding of the clinic.


* In order to provide a safe environment and follow the IPAC PPE guidelines for COVID-19, the Seniors (65+) treatment rate will be $170 each visit. (includes a, limited perio exam, 2 units debridement and fluoride. Any additional treatment required will be discussed prior to appointment)


* Custom fit Mouthguard - $50  


*ZOOM! In-office whitening $450 treatment includes three 15 minutes session PLUS custom fit whitening trays and one touch up syringe
*Repeat treatment recommended once a year

*ZOOM! Take-home custom fit whitening trays with gel (2 syringes) $200

*Purchase your oral health care products conveniently and for less than the drug store from our product boutique.